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To help businesses adapt in these changing times we have partnered with Hopeland to offer a range of Healthcare products. From our entry level handheld stylish contactless infrared thermometer to the premium smart tablet with facial recognition which can record temperature data, we have a solution for every business.

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Hopeland Technologies CO., Ltd. is a worldwide high-tech enterprise founded in 2009.

They are focused on IOT technologies and specialise in developing and manufacturing Smart Temperature devices, UHF RFID readers, handheld mobile terminals, NFC devices, FID modules, UHF antennas, and special type RFID tags.

The products have been deployed in many industries & applications including assets tracking, warehouse management, intelligent traffic management, vehicle tracking, production line management and intelligent weight measurement etc.

Temperature Measuring Devices
Smart Thermometer Tablet with facial recognition
Healthcare Mobile Computer
Handheld Infrared Thermometer

Smart Thermometer Tablet

PDA Thermometer

Handheld Thermometer

Introducing the Smart Thermometer Tablet HL7202G10 device. The 7” tablet is an embedded authentication device based on the Android operating system, which supports the function of face temperature measurement.

It can quickly and accurately test the temperature of the human body and send an alarm when the temperature is too high. The tablet can also record the temperatures within a document so you can test again later in the day and compare the first reading.

The PDA Thermometer HL7202G11 can read both ID and 2D barcodes, providing speedy and errorless data collection for various industrial and commercial applications. The device has a bezel-less large screen and is Anti-microbial and disinfectant-ready.

The Infrared (IR) temperature measurement is a medical grade IR thermal module, which gives real-time precise temperature reporting.
The dedicated integrated Medical Application U-care will take the temperature measurement, as well as offering personal information management, ID card reading, photo taking and other enterprise level attendance tools. The Administrator can record, export, and track all real-time data all in the one app.

The entry level HL7202H12 is a stylish contactless infrared handheld thermometer. It uses infrared (IR) to measure temperature, the measuring distance is up to 5cm which helps to prevent contact and infection.

It is friendly to operate, with fast and accurate temperature readings. There is a fever alarm which sounds if the temperature is higher than the level set. It operates a timed shutdown to save energy, supports Fahrenheit and Celsius measurements and has a dual LED screen to make it easier to read.


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