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Your go-to software solutions provider for cost-effective and efficient solutions across various key industries in Africa, Middle East, and other region markets.

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Our Story

Talk Technology's journey began with a single visionary, driven by the mission to revolutionise IT solutions in Sub-Saharan Africa, laying the foundation for a remarkable story of innovation and growth.


It all began with one man’s vision: to deliver innovative IT solutions to Sub-Saharan Africa, while providing exceptional customer service. We ventured into regions where others might have hesitated, thanks to our history and market knowledge, our strategic partnership with local companies and our reach into market through local contacts, which enabled us to swiftly and cost-effectively deliver goods to the area.

John embarked on his career journey with his dream to be an electronics design engineer, starting at the Royal Aircraft Establishment (RAE). His path then led him to prominent roles with leading Print Specialists Mannesmann Tally. During this time, he honed his expertise in international markets and the sales industry, accumulating over 40 years experience in the IT sector. John served in senior roles with some of the industry’s top manufacturers and distributors, such as Mannesmann, TallyGenicom and Westcon Africa. Following his ambition to develop into more industrial markets, new ventures began.

In 2014, John founded Talk Technology, and he hasn’t looked back since. The company has continuously grown, expanding its horizons into new markets through Talk Ports, Talk Security, Talk Services, and Talk Industrial. Today, Talk Technology Group stands as a prominent IT solutions distributor and integrator in Africa and the Middle East.

The dream endures, and our aspirations continue to soar to greater heights. Keep an eye on us as we embark on the next chapter of our remarkable journey.