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Midstream are a global pioneer in the LED lighting industry, leading the way since founding the company in 2009. Their award-winning lighting solutions are advanced, robust and best-in-class and are designed to meet customers individual requirements, including reducing energy consumption, cutting maintenance costs, and minimising environmental damage, all whilst vastly improving the quality of their lighting.

Midstream have vast experience and a strong reputation with major maritime container terminals and airports, including Remarail Terminal in Mozambique, Port of Mohammedia and Port of Casablanca in Morocco, Dubai Airport in UAE, King Abdulazziz International Airport in Saudi Arabia, Muscat Airport in Oman and Nairobi Airport in Kenya.

The LED lighting design solutions cover Marine Ports, Inland Ports, Bulk Terminals, Oil Terminals, Rail Terminals, Container Depots and Maritime cranes. High-mast port and terminal lighting is essential to the safety, security, and smooth operation of all port and terminal operations – whatever their size. Good quality, reliable illumination helps guarantee successful operations. It also means personnel, traffic and visitors can find their way around safely and easily – vital at night or during poor weather conditions.

LED lighting provides 70% energy savings and gives a life expectancy of 10 years minimum. The 316 stainless steel casing withstands harsh maritime environment, no rusting of mast or crane. 6G vibration for crane lighting, which can withstand massive mechanical vibration. IP66 and IP67 are as standard.

SONARAY™ LED lighting leads the way to a greener and cleaner tomorrow with exceptional lighting for the industrial and commercial marketplace.

Our significant technology investment means cost-savings for our customers through consistent high quality products. These products not only lessen electricity usage, providing tangible financial savings, but they also work to preserve vital natural resources for our world since they require reduced re-lamping frequency. This, in turn, reduces carbon footprint and waste. Of course, our lighting also provides the best in chromaticity and clarity. This means literally thousands of industrial and office environments around the globe can see and be seen in a whole new light.


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